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                ShaoXing ShengXin Printing & Dyeing CO., LTD was founded in 2002 (the predecessor of Shaoxing Lingzhi Printing & Dyeing CO., LTD). Now our company is developed into covering an area of 114552 square meters and employing a skilled team of over 1500 employees, professional in printing & dyeing of Poly, Cotton, Rayon, T/C, T/R, CVC, Lace, Mesh, Linen, etc.

                At present, our company has 9 sets of flat screen printing machine, 11 sets of rotary printing machine,2 lines of tie dyeing. With daily capacity of 600 thousands meters printing fabrics and 200 thousands tie dyeing cotton, our company can serve variety of customers and exports to all continents, which makes our company one of biggest Printing & Dyeing enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

                The digital printing department now is equipped with 9 sets of MS high speed inkjet printing machine from Italy and 1 set of Atexco high speed inkjet printing machine. Due to those advanced facilities, the output of digital print can be up to 25 thousands per day. Meanwhile our company sets 2 independent Design Departments, over 30 designer and concept designers from local and overseas and creates 600 new designs for customer selecting freely per month. As our company independently developed a color separate system, all designs looks more colorful and layering.

                Main Products: Poly/Knitting Cotton Printing; Lace/Mesh Dyeing & Printing; Cotton/Linen Dyeing & Printing

                The honesty, strength and product quality of Shengxin is accredited. We welcome friends from all over the word to visit our company and establish cooperation with us.