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            Pattern Design

            Our company has nearly 30 Chinese and overseas designers. Every month we will design nearly 600 patterns for you to choose. VIPs can enjoy the customization.

            Digital Printing

            Our company has 9 sets of MS high speed inkjet printing machine and 1 set of Atexco high speed inkjet printing machine. The output can be up to 25 thousands per day.

            Printing & Dyeing

            Our company has 9 sets of flat screen printing machine, 11 sets of rotary printing machine, 2 lines of tie dyeing. The daily capacity can up to 600 thousands meters printing fabrics and 200 thousands tie dyeing cotton per day.

            New Patterns
            Company News

            Follow Us

            Since Shaoxing Shengxin Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, it has been more and more widely recognized by social. Our achievements could not reach without your support and sincerity, and we thank you for this! If you want to follow with our trend at any time, please follow our social platforms.